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About the Veteran’s Spouse Project

Our Story

We Focus on the
Military Spouse Experience

In July 2015, Amy Uptgraft wrote and workshopped the theatre production, I Will Wait.  The play impacted the military and civilian community and began a conversation about military spouses’ lives, their individual stories and journeys, and the support that was needed.  

In 2017, Amy connected with two other military spouses; Lea Johnson and Wendy Caldwell.  Together, they took Amy’s inspiration and desire to serve military spouses to the next level.  A year later, in March 2018, Veteran’s Spouse Project was formed as a 501C3 organization.

Now, Veteran’s Spouse Project is dedicated to sharing the stories of generations of military spouses, uniting the military and civilian communities in friendship and understanding, and creating a beautiful space rooted in the values we hold dear.

Our Values
Our Vision

All Military Spouses

Our Mission

VSP Gives Voice to the Experiences of Veterans' Spouses Across Generations by Providing Opportunities for Creativity and Healing Through the Arts While Helping to Bridge the Gaps Between Civilian and Military Communities

Veteran’s Spouse Project focuses on the military spouse experience to strengthen, nurture, and support active, Veteran, and retired military families.

Through theatre and creative arts workshops, storytelling, and the inspiring play, I Will Wait, we bring to life the happiness and hardships experienced by generations of military spouses and offer healing and support for the mental and emotional toll of unending uncertainties, struggles, and separations.  Together, we find the joy, hope, and strength that come with military life.

VSP opens doors for non-military support by creating avenues to learn and grow together.  We start conversations, build friendships, create connections, and offer actionable opportunities for families, friends, and communities to support military spouses. 

Veteran’s Spouse Project is especially proud of the play, “I Will Wait,” and how it “pulls back the curtain” to share what military families experience with their non-military family, friends, and community.

Our Team

Military Spouses Serving Military Spouses

Amy Uptgraft


Artistic Director

Lea Johnson

Executive Director

Development Director

Kristie Rigdon

Accounting & Finance


Audra Edwards

Business Manager

Marketing/Social Media Manager

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are a valued asset and make a huge impact on the success of our programs and events. We’re grateful for all they do and the kindness, generosity, and love they offer each and every military spouse by supporting the VSP mission.

Making an Impact

Meet Our Patrons

We are grateful to our Patrons Circle Members. We recognize their generosity and appreciate their dedication and support of the Veteran’s Spouse Project.  

5-Star Patrons

$5,000 +
Neil & Janet Springer
Yvonne Botsis

4-Star Patrons

Fairway Independent Mortgage
American Warrior Initiative
Frank and Barbe Tarantino
(In honor of Gordon Wolfe, WWII Veteran)
Jim and Pat Johnson
(In honor of WWII Veteran Spouses Ruth Jones and Ruth Johnson)

3-Star Patrons

Mr. John Hargrove
Michael and Tammy Dryden
COL (R) Ralph and Jean Puckett

2-Star Patrons

Lina Mosholtz

1-Star Patrons

LTC Erik and Chelsea Iliff
LTC (R) Chip and Elizabeth Cook
National Securities
Drs. Myla and Scott Aronson

In Memoriam

Sis Hargrove
Ruth Jones
Ruth Johnson
Colonel (Retired) Charles B. Allen, Army (30 years)

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