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“Express Yourself!” Self Portrait Class with Rachael

Modalities: Art Making

Sunday, March 20, 2022, 6 PM – 9 PM EST | 3:00 PM – 6:00PM PST

Ready to create a self-portrait? Like the artists of the modernist movement, Expressionism, you’ll be focusing on your emotional experience rather than physical realism. Just like all of our workshops, there’s NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Art instructor, Rachael, will keep it fun using expressive lines and spontaneous color as she guides you through this process. Bring your desire to create, an open mind, and your curiosity in discovering how you can bring what’s inside you, out!.

In the end, you’ll have created a bright and colorful portrait with correct proportions. Viola!

During this 3-hour workshop, we’ll enjoy a variety of activities including:

  • Exploring how colors can match an artist’s inner feelings
  • Drawing exercises that build hand-eye coordination
  • Learning anatomical proportions of the human head

What will you take with you when it’s all done? 

  • Ideas for how to use color in new ways to express a feeling
  • Confidence when drawing from observation
  • Tips for daily drawing exercises to build your anatomical drawing skills
  • A complete portrait!

What you’ll need:

  • 3 hours of uninterrupted time in a quiet space to focus on the process, attend to Rachael, connect with the group, and give the gift of time to yourself! We know it’s a difficult task when there are so many competing demands, and you’ll be so glad you carved out this time and space for yourself when it’s done!
  • An 8X10 black and white photocopy of your face
  • And the following supplies:
    • pencil
    • paper
    • oil pastels
    • 8 x 10 canvas board
    • carbon transfer paper or charcoal

Feel free to gather your own from home or order online. Here is a link with some suggestions for you.


You can opt to purchase basic supplies to participate in the session through us if you register by March 10th! We will send you a set of oil pastels and an 8×10 pad of multi-purpose paper. Look for these options when you register!

Here’s an example from an Expressionist artist back in the day. Yes! You can expect a self-portrait that turns out a lot like this! We can’t wait to see yours!!

( Portrait of Madame Matisse. The Green Line. by Henri Matisse, 1905.)

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