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Hue are You?” Exploring Feelings and Identity through the World of Color with Barbe and Wendy

Modalities: Spirituality, Writing, and Art- Making

Sunday, May 22nd | 6: 00 PM-9:00 PM Eastern

What hues are you coloring your world with, and what do they mean? Spend some time with Certified Expressive Art Therapists, Wendy and Barbe exploring you, through HUE! Our time together will be spent finding out what colors speak to you emotionally and spiritually, expressing them visually during a short art prompt, then enhancing the sense the colors give us through writing.

This multi-modal session is for you if you:

  • LOVE the idea of using colors to represent yourself as an inspiration to draw and write 
  • Are struggling to find the right words for what you are going through 
  • Find that your mind wanders often and it’s hard to be present
  • Are looking for a new way to pray, set intentions, and find your calm

During this 3-hour workshop, we’ll enjoy a variety of activities including:

  • Intuitive color choosing
  • Writing about your emotional responses to different colors
  • Praying, wishing, and hoping in color
  • Learning about how mindfulness is a superpower, and ways we to engage in it
  • Discussing the neuroscience behind why we are wired to look for what’s wrong and how this practice can help change it

All done within the comfort of your home while sharing with other women seeking to discover more about themselves! What will this workshop unfold about hue and you? The possibilities are endless but you’ll have the answers to these questions, just to name a few:

  •   What colors make you feel calm, peaceful, happy, or sad?
  • What colors express who you are and/or who you are becoming?
  • How can you incorporate your findings in your home/ clothes/ etc.?
  • How using color can release your prayers, wishes, concerns and gratefulness?

What you’ll need:

  • 3 hours of uninterrupted time in a quiet space to focus on the process, attend to Barbe and Wendy, connect with the group, and give the gift of time to yourself! We know it’s a difficult task when there are so many competing demands, and you’ll be so glad you carved out this time and space for yourself when it’s done! 
  • And the following supplies:
    • colored pencils
    • colored pens
    • watercolor pens
    • Markers
    • Paints of any kind
    • Art Paper or sketch pads
    • Brushes
    • Journal
    • Magazines
    • Scissors
    • Glue


  • An assortment of paint, brushes, and canvas board. Choose whatever size you’d like! 8×10, 11/14, 16×20, or go rogue and get a huge one! And any fun beach themed items you’d like to include! For example shells, mermaid or boat wood cut-outs etc.

Feel free to gather your own from home or order online. Here is a link with some suggestions for you.

OR you can opt to purchase basic supplies to participate in the session through us if you register by March 12! We will send you a set of watercolor pencils and an 8×10 pad of multi-purpose paper. Look for these options when you register.

Here is an example of a piece created at a similar event. Yours will be unique to you and your writing will enhance your connection to your HUE!

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