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I Will Wait

About the Play

For Every One Gone, Someone Waits...

Our country has been fighting wars for more than 100 years.  I Will Wait is a full-length theatrical production that shares a new perspective of those wars – that of the military spouse.  

I Will Wait was written to bring together non-military and military communities.

I Will Wait was born late one night when playwright Amy Uptgraft poured out her struggles about her husband’s fourth deployment with fellow playwright, Gregory Stieber.  At that moment, they felt the call to tell the stories of generations of military spouses.

Amy and Gregory interviewed spouses across five generations and documented their stories of separation during times of war. They produced the play in 2015 and the audience was left moved beyond words.

"The validation of listening to these stories with real language- I want more of it. The way that this is all presented is so authentic, not like the sappy and insulting Hollywood attempts"

Since then, I Will Wait has grown into a program that includes the fully realized production, readings of the play, talkbacks, and virtual writing workshops.

Request a Reading or Workshop/Production

Corporations and organizations that would like to support military spouses in sharing their stories have a unique opportunity to host or sponsor the I Will Wait programming either at their own event or as a sponsor for a VSP production. 

By supporting the story of the military spouse, you are strengthening military families around the world and bringing together military and non-military communities. 

We offer a variety of options that will create a lasting memory, impress your audience, and demonstrate your dedication to military spouses and their families.

“VSP is an emotional, real, and inspired vision that brings the thoughts and feelings of military personnel and their spouses to life. I found it to be heart-wrenchingly real, full of raw emotion and courage. Tears will be shed and you will feel ALL THE THINGS."

"Heart to Script" Workshop

Your Written Story is Powerful

Join Amy Uptgraft, professional playwright, actor, director, and theater teacher, for an upcoming “Heart to Script” writing workshop and learn to take your story from your heart to paper. 

Through meaningful prompts, conversation, and suggestions, you’ll learn how to write your own military spouse journey. Write it for yourself, your family, or for publication. The choice is yours. What is certain is that your story is powerful and worth sharing. 

This class is meant for veteran, retired, or active duty military spouses. We encourage all generations of military spouses to write their stories.

"Taking Amy's writing class was like slathering balm on this milspouse's bruised and battered soul. I was 5 months into a year-long deployment and feeling rudderless. Amy's class reminded me that I could both tell my story as a military spouse AND breathe life back into my own creative identity. I fell back in love with writing, began the process of healing emotional wounds, and was empowered by other spouses whose journeys were different, but whose voices held notes so connected to my own that our experiences created a harmony I will never forget"

Register for an upcoming workshop!

If you would like to write your story, we encourage you to register for a “Heart to Script” writing course. Veteran’s Spouse Project offers multiple workshops each year. Workshops are kept small to allow all participants ample time for sharing, so space is limited. 

If you are ready to put your heart to script please check out upcoming workshop dates and register in advance! 

Writing an essay

See your story performed in a monologue series!

Is there a moment in your life that defines your personal experience? Heart to Script participants have an opportunity to apply for their story to be part of the Veteran’s Spouse Project’s monologue series.

We give voice to your story. Through a series of performance workshops and using a professional actor, we curate your story into a performance piece. The stories will be recorded and shared through The Veteran’s Spouse Project social platforms, on our YouTube channel, and more.

Here are examples of our monologue series:

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Thank you for your generosity.

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