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November 3rd | in*Between

“in*Between. So much of a military spouse’s life is lived in the ‘in between.’ In between moves. In between homes. In between schools. In between careers. In between deployments. In between training. Just ‘in the in between.’ And how does a military spouse piece together a real, authentic life from all of the in betweens? That’s what this play addresses. That’s what this play is about.”

-Amy Uptgraft



A Staged Play Reading

Written by Amy Uptgraft & the members of the Heart to Script Writing Group


River & Rail Theatre Company’s 

Old City Performing Arts Center 


Date and Time:

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

7:00 p.m. EST


Pay what you can!

VSP invites you…

…to get the FIRST EXPERIENCE of a BRAND NEW PLAY on a live Knoxville, TN stage. You won’t want to miss it! This staged play reading will be the debut read-through of the in*Between script, written by VSP Founder and Artistic Director, Amy Uptgraft, and the members of the Heart to Script Writing Group – all comprised of veteran and active duty military spouses.

As the VERY FIRST audience of in*Between, you’ll also have the exclusive chance to offer your real-time thoughts and constructive feedback on the play reading afterward. This will help our organization tremendously, allowing us to truly gauge how we can make that crossroads between our civilian and military communities a space of even more vibrancy and understanding.

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