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May 2 & 9 | VSP’s Poetry Class…Bridgerton-Style!

VSP Poetry Class Feature Image


VSP’s Poetry Class…Bridgerton-Style!

Thursdays, May 2nd & 9th

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST

Are you a poetic soul with the need for inspiration? Interested in dabbling in the world of poetry but a bit intimidated to try writing it?

Join our narrative, free-verse, and imagery-focused growing poet and creative writer, Audra Edwards, for a two-week, online poetry writing workshop where we’ll have fun, (and make poetry more accessible!), with the Bridgertons!

As military and veteran spouses, we often live in a world of geographical and emotional upheaval, so it can be difficult to define our sense of “place” in the world and to express our identities. By offering you exposure to basic poetic categories and devices and then guiding you through prompts inspired by your favorite Bridgerton characters and tailored to our community, you’ll be able to come away from this class with a better understanding of your own military spouse struggles, defining moments, identity, and the inspiration to keep exploring.

There is no need to have poetry experience to join this group! Ours is a welcoming, judgment-free community. Participants will be able to share drafts or finished pieces, (if they feel comfortable doing so), with fellow participants without worry of negative critique.

What will you take with you when it’s all done?

  • Laughter! …or whatever emotional release you need! This will be an super-fun, upbeat class where we’ll be imagining ourselves as characters such as Queen Charlotte, Benedict, Lady Whistledown, and more from the extremely popular Netflix series, Bridgerton, in order to get our stories out of our heads and into stanzas. Feeling more tears than laughs? We’re here for that, too. Promise.
  • A poem that conveys at least one facet of your identity or inner longing as a military spouse
  • The ability to express your emotions and story utilizing a variety of poetic forms and devices
  • An understanding of the power of imagery in writing
  • A deeper connection with yourself
  • The opportunity to join VSP’s Writing Group – a community of dedicated writers who meet monthly *Note: Taking a poetry or Heart to Script writing class is a prerequisite to joining the writing group.

What will you need?

  • 2 hours each Thursday of uninterrupted time in a quiet space to focus on your poetic writing, connect with the group and Audra, and give the gift of creative time to yourself!
  • Your favorite place to write: desk, comfy chair, porch swing, whatever!
  • Your favorite way to write: laptop, journal, paper pad and pens, etc.
Spill the milspouse tea with Lady Whistledown.
Which Bridgerton character will you choose to help you tell your milspouse story?

Before You Register…

Because we want to ensure the deepest quality of experience in our Veteran’s Spouse Project offerings, we put a maximum participant number in place for every event. We understand that schedules get packed and emergencies happen, but please make every effort to commit to showing up. Every “no show” takes a space away from a milspouse who could truly benefit from the community and healing present in our offerings.

Note: We strongly encourage everyone to attend both class sessions for the best possible experience; with that said, if you truly want to join this class but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to make both sessions, reach out to Audra Edwards at:

Have questions? Reach out to us here!

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