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October 30, November 6 & 13, 2022 | “Heart to Script” Class



Heart to Script” Writing Class with Amy

Sunday, October 30 + Sunday, November 6th & 13th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. EST

Do you feel like you have a story to share but are not sure how to get it from heart to paper? Join our resident playwright, Amy Uptgraft, over three Sundays in October and November for an online monologue writing class. You will be able to share your own military spouse story through Amy’s writing prompts and suggestions. The six total hours we’ll share together will give ample time to write during the class itself! Then, through discussion and editing, you will work to carve your raw work into a piece to share by the end of class. Telling stories is an ancient art that started long before humans invented writing, and we cannot wait to be a part of telling yours!

What can you expect while we dive deep into writing?

  • Exploring how to put your own spouse story to paper
  • Narrowing down the pivotal moments in your story that mean the most
  • Using a variety of writing prompts and styles to think of your story in new ways

What will you take with you when it’s all done?

  • A short monologue that speaks to a profound moment in your own story
  • Confidence in writing as an emotional release
  • An invitation to continue to write with a group of prior participants
  • Possibility of connecting with an actor to have your piece performed on camera

What will you need?

  • 2 hours each Sunday of uninterrupted time in a quiet space to focus on the process, connect with the group and Amy, and give the gift of words to yourself!
  • Your favorite place to write: desk, comfy chair, porch swing, whatever!
  • Your favorite way to write: laptop, journal, paper pad and pens, etc.
  • Note: We strongly encourage everyone to attend all three classes for the best possible experience, but we understand that schedules get packed and emergencies happen. With that said, if you truly want to join “Heart to Script” but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to make every class, reach out to Amy Uptgraft at:

Want to know more about the power of a monologue? Check out Heart to Script workshop reflections, as well as some of our past participants’ monologues that were performed by professional actors here.

Have questions? Reach out to us here!

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