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Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell

Documenting Military Spouse Stories

Generations of military spouses have been irrevocably changed when their service member raised their right hand and pledged service to the United States of America. Veteran’s Spouse Project is dedicated to preserving the narratives, stories, and moments of military spouses that have helped shape our nation. 

From World War II to Present Day

Through short documentary-style videos, Veteran’s Spouse Project shares experiences from World War II to Vietnam to current-day conflicts. 

The videos are a visual and auditory representation of the emotional heartache, anxieties, and happy moments that have shaped military spouses into the strong, resilient women and men that support the military family and manage the behind-the-scenes for every service member.

"Being in Vietnam just kind of made him hard, but I guess they have to do that just to survive.”

Your Story is Worth Hearing

When playwright, Amy Uptgraft, was researching for the play, I Will Wait, she realized how important it was to document these moments and how much each story could make a difference.

As Veteran’s Spouse Project grew, so did the number of military spouses who wanted to document their own experiences for other military spouses around the world.

"There is a bond [between military spouses] that you can't explain. It makes a difference when you truly carry the load for one another.”

Participate in Stories We Tell

Moments That Matter

Individuals and groups who would like to participate in Stories We Tell or support our mission, to document the heartfelt inspiring moments in a military spouse’s life are welcome!

Share Your Own Story 

Your story matters, and we would be honored to help tell it. Contact VSP to set up an in-person or Zoom interview with a staff member.

Interview a Spouse

Are you an experienced journalist, blogger, or writer that feels comfortable conducting an interview on camera? We can help you curate an interview session with a Veteran Spouse in your community to share through our Stories We Tell collection. Contact VSP to apply to join our Stories We Tell team.

Group Recording Sessions

Auxiliary clubs, book clubs, FRGs, spouses clubs, or just groups comprised of military spouses are welcome to have a recording session together for our collection. Choose a topic and we’ll create an archival quality recording that can be shared for years to come. 

Stories We Tell Collection

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Consider making a donation to Veteran’s Spouse Project. Donations are used to support all of our program efforts for Veteran, retired, and active duty military spouses. 

Thank you for your generosity.

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