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Seeking Wisdom: A Spiritual Path to Creative Connection

by Julia Cameron

Mondays, July 25th through August 29th, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. EST

Looking for more than just a “good summer read”? Want to ignite your creative passion?

Come join us for a six-week Artist’s Way Program using Julia Cameron‘s new book: Seeking Wisdom: A Spiritual Path to Creative Connection.

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About the Author

“Hailed by the New York Times as ‘The Queen of Change,’ JULIA CAMERON is credited with starting a movement in 1992 that has brought creativity into the mainstream conversation— in the arts, in business, and in everyday life. She is the best-selling author of more than forty books, fiction and nonfiction; a poet, songwriter, filmmaker and playwright. Commonly referred to as ‘The Godmother’ or ‘High Priestess’ of creativity, her tools are based in practice, not theory, and she considers herself ‘the floor sample of her own toolkit.'”

What to Expect from VSP READS

Starting on July 25th and ending on August 29th, our “book club” will meet on Zoom every Monday evening for 6 weeks.  If you’re military-affiliated in some way, you’re “good to go” and free to join us!

The format of the meetings will be casual and informal. You can expect:

  • a check-in with the other members of your group
  • a mindful meditation
  • a sharing of connections, creations, and experiences from each week

How You’ll Need to Prepare

  • REGISTER! We want to make sure we’re ready to make the experience perfect for you!
  • We ask that group members purchase the book early and read the introduction before we get started with our first meeting on July 25th. The introduction contains some truly important messages that you won’t want to miss out on. Also, you’ll want to have as much time as possible to read the lengthier chapters each week and plenty of breathing room to discuss them during our meetings.
  • Where can you purchase Seeking Wisdom: A Spiritual Path to Creative Connection? Click the hyperlinks below!
  • Be sure to have a good internet connection for the Zoom calls, along with a comfy space to chat with your fellow readers!
  • Note: if purchasing Seeking Wisdom would currently be a financial hardship for you, please reach out to VSP on our contact page here. That’s one roadblock we’re more than happy to remove for you.

Why the VSP Team Hearts Julia Cameron

From Barbe:

Back in 1992, I received two separate copies of Julia Cameron’s new book, The Artist’s Way, for Christmas. I saw that as a sign. I took a teaching sabbatical and immersed myself in art. I never went back to teaching and have continued to seek wisdom through art & spirituality. I’m so excited to begin this new Julia Cameron book to reignite my artistic passion. 

From Amy:

In 1999, I moved to NYC right after my college graduation, a bright-eyed Midwestern girl ready to set the stage on fire. What I found were 1,000’s of actresses who looked and talked like me at hundreds of auditions. I was discouraged and overwhelmed. I picked up Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and it changed the way I viewed my art and my approach to it. I started taking my solo “artist dates” throughout the city, visiting museums, watching movies and plays by myself, going for long walks along the East River with Alanis Morissette playing in my ear. I started to think of myself as an artist for the first time, and I owe so much of that to Julia and The Artist’s Way.

From Wendy:

“In the fall of 1994, I started my artist journey at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I had transferred from a liberal arts college because I knew in my gut that a creative career was my ONLY way forward! The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron was the first book assigned to us as required reading. Over the years, I have referred back to it many times as a sort of guide to creativity when feeling stuck, wanting inspiration, or needing to feel more like me again. It has always made sparking creativity easy with its strategic formula, just as Seeking Wisdom is doing for me 28 years later.”

An Interview with Julia about Seeking Wisdom

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