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“VSP Talks” | Talking Club

VSP Talking Club


VSP Talks | Talking Club Feature Image of Amy and Lea Laughing

Let’s Talk!

Second Monday of every month

6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. EST

May’s Gathering: May 8th, 2023*

*April’s Gathering Cancelled

Ever wished you had a group of pals to just chat with on a regular basis, but military life, (or – let’s be honest – life in general), got in the way?

Join “VSP Talks” for a monthly get-together where you can let your hair down, sip something delicious, and solve the world’s problems, (or just laugh your head off), with a group of spouses who’ve been in your shoes! Each month, our conversation starters will change, but our number one motto will be to build authentic community and to have fun!

Take a minute and think about the last time you had coffee with a friend. Like, real, go-to-the-coffee-shop-and-turn-your-phones-on-silent-while-you-order-lattes-you-don’t-need coffee. You scored the comfy chairs next to the window and had nothing to do for an hour but catch up with a kindred soul. Maybe you just met and are learning each other’s stories; maybe it’s an old friend who knows the language of your sighs. Either way, you are here. Fully present, fully heard, fully accepted. This is a place where you can be truly, authentically yourself. In January, VSP is launching “VSP Talks” – a virtual, cozy chair at your favorite coffee shop with some close friends and friends you just haven’t met yet. It’s time you had that REAL cup of coffee.

How on Earth did we come up with this? Lea will let you in on the details.

It was Anchorage, Alaska in the summer with endless daylight. We had just finished a series of workshops and Stories We Tell interviews, and we were exhausted. Despite the sun, all we wanted was a glass of wine and a funny movie. I suggested we watch Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. A bold choice since the humor is pretty specific and the response could go either way. We shut the blackout curtains, snuggled up in the blankets on the little Airbnb couch, and pulled up the movie. About 30 minutes in, we looked at each other and just couldn’t stop laughing. In the movie, Barb and Star are best friends who have settled into a predictable, boring routine in their mid-western home. One of their routines is a weekly “talking club” called just that: Talking Club. It involves a pre-approved topic, hot dog soup, and some crazy-strict rules, but Amy and I kept on giggling. We realized then that talking club is all we really wanted in life. A set-aside time to just talk with no agenda – just some friends and a glass of wine or cup of tea! Fast forward two years, and, as we were setting our 2023 calendar and asking ourselves what our community wants, we realized that almost all of our participants want more time together, in this community, to just share and talk. To hear the emphatic: “Me, too!” or “I totally get that” from other military spouses. To feel connected to each other in truly authentic ways. To laugh until our sides hurt and we can’t breathe. To cry together the way that deep community does. That is why, on the second Monday of each month from January to May we are going to lift the lid on VSP Talks.
We can’t wait.

Love, Lea

( Oh and don’t worry . . . we won’t force hot dog soup on anyone. Promise. 😉 )

Before You Register…

Because we want to ensure the deepest quality of experience in our Veteran’s Spouse Project offerings, we put a maximum participant number in place for every event. We understand that schedules get packed and emergencies happen, but please make every effort to commit to showing up. Every “no show” takes a space away from a milspouse who could truly benefit from the community and healing present in our offerings.

Have questions? Reach out to us here!

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